What lunch and coffee breaks am I entitled to?

Did you know that under Schedule “B” our collective agreement:

An employee whose shift is over three (3) to five and one half (5 ½) hours per day is entitled to one fifteen minute paid coffee break. An employee whose shift is over five and one half (5 ½) to eight (8) hours per day is entitled to two (2) fifteen minute paid coffee breaks, one in each half of the shift.

Employees scheduled for more than 4 hours will be entitled to an unpaid lunch break of a minimum of 30 minutes. Every effort will be made to provide a duty free lunch. In the event this cannot be arranged, the lunch period will be deemed part of the work day and an employee will be paid an addition thirty (30) minutes at straight time.

Take all your breaks – you work hard and are entitled to them. We know you are all very busy and often it seems there are not enough hours in the day, but you shouldn’t be expected to work through any of your breaks to keep up with your workload.

If you have any questions about the collective agreement, please reach out to one of your shop stewards or union representatives.

Is there a clause that you are not sure about? Let us know and we will answer your question and may include it in our newsletter. Odds are, if you are unsure, others are too! It’s important for all of us to understand our rights and responsibilities under our contract.