Benefits are provided by Pacific Blue Cross – Medical, Dental, Extended Health, Life Insurance. You can read more specifics in your collective agreement, article 15.

Access your benefits at Your membership card gives you exclusive access to fast, easy claims, discounts and Insta-Claim reimbursement from thousands of pharmacies, dental clinics and health providers.

Also, please visit the PEBT (Public Education Benefits Trust) website at The Public Education Benefits Trust Fund (PEBT) is a health and welfare trust that provides employee benefits to the unionized support staff in British Columbia’s public schools.

The PEBT holds and administers a trust fund for the purpose of providing the following benefits to eligible support staff and their dependents:

  • Core Long Term Disability (LTD) coverage. The Core LTD plan is funded by the provincial government. The PEBT Board of Trustees determines the benefit level, based on the available funding. All eligible Members are covered by this plan.
  • Other Long Term Disability benefits. Some school districts have Other LTD coverage that tops up the government funded Core LTD benefits. The additional components of these plans are funded by contributions made by the applicable school districts and/or Members.
  • The Joint Early Intervention Service (JEIS). This program helps Members who are ill or injured with medical management and rehab services to assist in a successful return to work. The JEIS is part of the Core LTD plan and all eligible Members are covered by this plan.
  • Other Benefits. These can include life insurance, accident insurance, health care coverage and dental care coverage. The terms of these benefits are determined by the applicable collective agreements in each school board. The funding of these benefits is also determined by the collective agreements.